White wine Kallmeti

Classification of wine

Dry white wine 

Origin (production area)

Kallmeti area and surrounding villages in a geographical length no more than 30 km from the location of the winery in Kallmet Lezha.  


    Black Kallmet
  • 70%
  • White Kallmet
  • 15%
  • White Esplanade
  • 15%

Kallmeti, in both versions: black and white, is cultivated in the area of origin. Black Kallmet is mainly spread in the districts of Lezha and Shkodra, and white Kallmeti in a narrower space, Kallmet and a few villages around, where it is known as "white albanian grape". While white grape is cultivated generally throughout the Albanian territory.


Cultivation of this variety of grapes and wines produced from it are inherited from parishes and winemaking families of the area, who made this variety famous in all historical eras. Unlike red wine, there was no tradition in the production of white wine. Kallmet white grape, even though in small amounts, has been used entirely for the production of raki. Kallmeti winery in 2009 began an experimental production of white wine by performing the vinification of black grape Kallmet and mixing it with the two varieties mentioned above. As the result was very good, cellars continued with the production of this wine in subsequent years.

Oenological Consultancy

Offered by SEA (Enologico Studio Associato), Italy. Fermentation is carried out at a controlled temperature. This wine is seasoned in stainless steel containers for 6 months, then 2-4 months in the bottle before it’s released on the market.

Organoleptic Characteristics

Expressed and diverse, very stable with good body and balanced. Straw colored in greenish, expressed and diverse, and dominated by fresh fragrances. The alcoholic degrees depending on the year of production varies from 12.5-13% Vol.

Sommelier Reccomendation

Pairs well with fish dishes, white meat dishes and soft cheeses. Advising service temperature: 8-10 ° C.