Kallmet Olive Oil (extra virgin)


Olive oil, extra virgin (according to oil classification based on the law…)

Origin (production area)

The area of Kallmet and surrounding villages, in geographic length not further than 30 km from the location of Kallmet Winery.

Olive varieties

    Ullinj Kallmet
  • 70%
  • Variete të ndryshme
  • 30%

70 % Kallmet olive - Autochthonous Albanian variety , cultivated in the area of origin and 30% different varieties.


Cultivation of this variety of grapes and the raki produced from it are inherited from the winemaking families of the area, for family consumption as well as for the market. All households in the area have this variety and have produced oil with traditional printing methods on foot or stone mills. Besides this indigenous variety there are also other Albanian and foreign varieties cultivated in the area.

Production methods

After the harvest period which is during the end of October and first half of November, we sent the olives to the olive oil factory which uses the method of cold processing and centrifugal oil separation. Model Pegasso 500 of OMT brand (Officcine Mechanic Tuscany). The olives are carefully selected to obtain extra virgin oil. The green color of the olives must dominate, and they must be clean and processed immediately after the harvest. The oil obtained is deposited in stainless steel containers and left in natural decantation process for a period of 3-4 months. Afterwards the glass bottles are filled and go directly to the market.

Organoleptic characteristics

Presented in green color, with characteristic olive aroma. The physical and chemical indicators arising for the quantity produced, after being analyzed in the laboratory of ISUV (Institute of Food Safety and Veterinary), appear in the back label of the product.

Somelierit and Dietician Reccomendation

Fits well with salads and a wide range of dishes.