About Kallmet

Kallmet is a mostly hilly area where Zadrima field is related in harmony with Vela Mountain. Located 11 km from the town of Lezha, 18 km from the coast of Shengjin and 55 km from Tirana. It is known as an area with an early tradition of grape cultivation. Besides grapes, there are two other products with designation "Kallmet": olive and beans.  

Kallmeti Winery was established in 2006 thanks to the Gjini brothers’ passion for wine and their love for the land where they live, in the heart of their birthplace, Kallmet, after which the grape was named. The main purpose of the winery is to produce the best Kallmet wine, to increase the quantity and improve the quality year after year. From a production of 50 hl of wine in 2007, the winery has grown year after year. Wine is produced entirely from Kallmet grape, cultivated in its area of origin, in Kallmet and the surrounding villages. Part of it is cultivated in the hills of the wonderful Bukmira hills over 500 m above sea level.  Read more 

Kallmet Grape is an Albanian variety, unique and high quality for wine production. This grape is named after the village Kallmet, precisely because of its perfect adaptation to this territory. Kallmet Grape cultivation area lies in the regions of Lezha and Shkodra. Read more

Vineyards generally occupy relatively small areas, set up by the families of the area in the hilly and inclined terrains with sandy structure, where the vines can express its maximum potential. Particularly distinguished are some old vines over 30 years old in entirely sandy terrain, where Kallmet grape quality has allowed us to produce "Kallmet Prestige", which is our product of excellence. Read more  

The production process is carried out by focusing on quality: after the grape is selected, the wine production process is monitored by SEA (Enologico Studio Associato), an Italian company from the Marche region, with a long experience, run with love and passion by Pr. Dr. Luigi CostantiniRead more 

The tradition of grape growing and wine making in these areas begins very long ago. Viticultural and winemaking families of the area, assisted by a religious hierarchy several centuries ago have also managed to export wine. Read more

Kallmet Wine is distinguished among the Albanian wines and therefore has also received awards in national competitions. Our winery produces three varieties of Kallmet wine: Kallmet Red Wine (basic version); Kallmet White Wine, and Kallmet Prestige. Read more 

Other products of Kallmet winery are Grape Brandy and Olive Oil.Raki dhe Olive oil

Participations and collaborations of Kallmet Winery lie throughout the network of operators in the same field. Specifically, we are members of the National Association of Wine Producers; National Association of Olive Oil Producers; Consortium growers and Wine makers of northern Albania; (www.kvvvsh.org) Albanian Sommeliers Organization (www.somelier-al.org

We cooperate with operators of the field, such as the Institute of Food Safety and Veterinary (VRI); SEA Lab, Enoalba etc. Our client network includes important restaurants and their number rises steadily, precisely because of the growing demand for quality and safety.Read more